Forgotten Keep and the Western Lands

Better in Threes

Theoren and Gannic parted with the elves and prepared to return to the surface but after talking with Yixtin decided to investigate Koldo’s whereabouts more. Yixtin lead them the beginning of a trench covered in a rocky grid. Slipping through the gaps they found buildings in the rocks below. Hiding in one they noticed patrols pass by. Yixtin then turned into a black and yellow striped fish and went looking for Koldo. Yixtin returned having found Koldo in a building under guard. Theoren tore a corner of his map and wrote a message which Yixtin took to Koldo. He responded that he was not allow to leave. After a few messages back and forth Yixtin returned with Koldo following. Koldo said the guard had left for some reason and he escaped. With Koldo they headed north and returned to the surface reaching the shore west of Flanport. Then they followed the shoreline back to the Flanport harbor.

Meanwhile above the water Rolf had awaken and left the Travelers inn heading for the broken mast. There Nemi and Amarae found him and began telling him about the night. As they did Rolf noticed a figure on the waterfront crawl up to the waters edge and drop in. Nemi pulled an eye out of her pocket and it seemed to look at Rolf, then she remove another eye and they both glared at Rolf and he collapsed to the ground. They propped him up against the wall and hid watching him. After some time he recovered and went to the water. He dropped into the water and explored the bank finding dwarf sized foot prints in the mud leading into the depths.

Tiering of waiting for Rolf to resurface Nemi and Amarae start heading away from the water again only to see Rolf has climbed out of the water and made his way to the broken mast. Their they hide again and watch him climb the building and take look out over the harbor. Then they follow him as he returns to the docks when he sees a light on a ship. He climbs onto the ship with his grappling hook and removes their boat lowering it over the side before a sleeping guard on the ship wakes up. As he does Rolf jumps over the side and Amarae covers his escape with a fog cloud.

Rolf rowed out to towards the ship he spotted in the distance from the roof, There he found a ship with a full crew. Announcing his presence they help him aboard if he leaves his weapons. On deck he was greeted by a rough group of sailors and a brutish captain with a tattoo of a upside down sun with shackles. After drinking with the captain Rolf asked for his weapons back and the captain refused saying he will fetch a fine price. Rolf smashed his mug on the captain’s head and tried to grab one of his two swords but he captain was quicker drawing them. As Rolf rushed towards his ax on the deck the captain slashed him twice across the legs but Rolf did not fall and smashed past the sailors to his weapons, there he cut down several of them.

Nemi and Amarae watched Rolf depart but watched the water for some time. As they turned to leave they saw three hideous creatures climb out of the ocean, one missing her eyes. Around then several dozen rotting corpses climbed out of the water as well. As they turned to run the three creatures chanted in a triangle and Nemi ran into an invisible force knocking her to the ground. Amarae trailing behind also hit something. Nemi drank something and turned to mist rising away from the group to a rooftop several buildings away. Amarae turned and ran across the front of a building towards a different side street, as she did a white skinned humanoid standing the height of almost two humans rose from the water behind the green skinned hags. He hurled his trident impaling Amarae in the back dropping her to the cobble stone street. Gannic, Theoren and Koldo climbed over the rock barricade that made the harbor to the scene in front of them. Seeing Amarae on the ground with corpses advancing towards her they ran slashing through corpses reach their fallen comrade. Gannic used magic to keep from being attacked as be brought Amarae back to conscious. Then they all turned and ran.



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