Forgotten Keep and the Western Lands

Boats and Maps

Gannic went to the market and purchase several weeks worth of groceries for Abbey and Koldo. Abbey was very grateful and promised to make something other than cabbage soup for the night. After leaving Leaf with Abbey for afternoon Amarae found a smith and traded her scimitar and 25 gold for a longbow. As night fell After Amarae and Nemi headed to the Broken Mast and got a drink. Soon Art entered the bar and began talking to Amarae and ignoring Nemi. Amarae found out about a mage in town that the hunting guild has worked with previously. Art agreed to take her there in the morning. After buying Amarae several drinks Art was starting to seem a bit drunk. Nemi seemed less annoyed than previously.

Meanwhile Theoren, Gannic and Rolf went to the waterfront looking for any signs of the slavers. None of the boats in the harbor looked like the Golden Mermaid and the harbormasters office was closed. When a passing patrol of guards walked past Theoren asked them if they knew anything about the slavers and the guard informed them they would not be allowed in town. Theoren then mentioned that Rolf saw some off the coast after rowing a boat out there. This aroused the guards suspicion and he requested that they come with him to the barracks. There they spoke with his superior. Rolf explained the situation and agreed to pay a 100gp fine with 50gp returned if he returned the boat. After leaving the barracks the three adventures headed to the Broken Mast.

As Rolf, Gannic and Theoren opened the door to the Broken Mast Amarae having previously noticed the wanted posters on the wall rushed for the door and hussled Rolf outside. Bringing Art along with her. She told them quickly about the poster and then asked Art to show here where the Mage could be found. Theoren and Gannic spoke with a group of sailors about the area but none knew much of what lay to the west except they were more dangerous waters. After several rounds of drinks they joined another table with two sailors who did know a bit about the western coast and shared a map and information on a hidden cove that pirates were rumored to use to the west and a unscrupulous port farther to the north.

As Amarae and Art walked across town Nemi followed in the shadows. After a pleasant walk across town Amarae and Art arrived at the Mage’s building. Amarae then returned to Abbey’s with Art escorting here. The rest of the group had already arrived except Nemi who returned a hour or so later looking rather pleased with herself.



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