Forgotten Keep and the Western Lands

Drunk Tricks and Underwater Negotiations

Theoren checked his wounds as Gannic watched Abbey departed. They briefly discussed searching one of the giant eel caves but decided against it and continued along the strange path along the sea floor. As they traveled the sound of water and gloom of the sea along with the clear view of the purple and pink sky made the whole journey feel surreal. Time passed and the underwater landscape changed becoming more rocky and mountainous. More than once Theoren though saw the a dark shape move in the depths to the left of the trail. On the right of the trail several small fish scattered as they two above landers approached but about half a dozen black and yellow striped fish about the arms length emerged from the shelter of rocky coves and watched. Theoren approached one and it backed into its shelter but came out to snatch food tossed its direction. They did not respond to Theoren’s greetings. Minutes or maybe hours passed as Theoren and Gannic continued following the path. A flash of color in rocky shadows to the left of the trail stopped their travel. Gannic picked up a small rock and illuminated it with magic and tossed it beyond the rocks. They saw a shadow cross the light and then the rock flew back from the rocks and landed next to them. Picking it up Gannic again tossed the illuminated stone while Theoren hopped onto some rocks for a better view. Again something moved quickly and the rock’s light disappeared. Seeing nothing else they continued and after a minute a light appeared from above as the stone dropped onto the path in front of them. Gannic and Theoren continued forward and tossed the rock again and it was taken again by something about the size of the fish they had seen that moved very quickly through the gloom. A few minutes later the light appeared again, this time blinking from inside a opening a rocks to the side of the trail. A Theoren cautiously entered the blinking stopped and the opening turned to the right. It was a small tunnel through the rocks with openings on both sides about the height of a human and sitting in the middle on a raised rock was the illuminated stone. Retrieving the stone again Theoren and Gannic passed through the tunnel and out the otherside continuing on their way. After taking a few steps Theoren felt something watching him and turned to see a strange creature holding onto a plant growing on top of the rocks that made up the tunnel. It was fish or amphibian like with large eyes, webbed hands and feet and an eel like tail. Two large fins traveled the length of its body starting near the shoulders. It clung to the plant’s stalk upside down, its large eyes looked at the above landers and it made a high pitched squeak. Theoren turned and approached slowly offering greetings and pieces of rations. Iit swam circles around the talk of the plant righting itself and again clinging to the plant nearer to the base. It clicked a few times and watched Theoren and Gannic intensely. Gannic tossed the stone to it and it caught it covering it with its hand and then began quickly opened and closed its hand causing the stone to appear to blink.

The creature darted off into the darkness but in a few minutes the light of the stone appeared ahead on the path and the creature swam around them looking curious. Finding an open patch of ground Theoren gathered some plants and starting laying them out in the shape of a ship. As he placed the first few the creature swam past grabbing largest of the plants and swam off with it making circles as it did, squeaking and clicking. It returned looking at Theoren carefully and then in a heavily accented elvish spoke.

“Funny…you funny, why here? Above swim”

As the creature know as Yixtin spoke with Theoren its grasp of elvish seemed to improve. After a few minutes Yixtin indicated it knew the direction of the ship and said there was danger in the dark waters. Although never agreeing to help Yixtin appeared frequently as they continued, often swimming ahead or around them.After a time a deep canyon broke the trail in front of them but both Gannic and Theoren managed to swim across it. Soon after another canyon crossed in front of them and Yixtin quickly swam in front of them. “Danger” and darted across quickly. Along the sides of the canyon buildings could be seen made of rock and plant constructed in the canyon walls. Using a rope Gannic and Theoren managed to get acrossed but noticed movement in one of the buildings below. Across the canyon the path disappeared but Yixin pointed the way.

Soon a large formation of rocks appeared in front of the party. Yixtin looked confused. “No ship, ship gone?”

Gannic moved up to the rocks feeling them and noticing they were smooth and slimy. As he looked carefully the illusion of rocks gave way to ship partially buried in silt with a hole in the side of the hull. Yixtin notice it too, “Ship here!” Theoren looked confused the rocks but then notices an opening in them. As he and Gannic entered two strange elf looking fish or fish looking elves rushed forward with trident and spear.

In heavily accented elvish and basic trade language the two guards made it clear Theoren and Gannic were not welcome here. They said no overlanders were present and they had never heard of Koldo. Gannic changed the subject to trade and they seemed slightly more interested in the gems that Theoren showed them. Khivya the senior of the guards sent a fish messenger to arrange for trade. After at length discussion and Gannic seeming to mention a mage by name Khivya sent the other sentry away and in hushed tones told Gannic that he would at personal risk try and delivery the message to Koldo but he would never be allowed to leave and that was all he could do. The trade talk continued and after much discussion the ruby was exchanged for a suit of Ithgulo scale mail, spear and a trident.

Meanwhile above land Nemi and Amarae watched the water from the shadows of an alley near the docks. After a few minutes they decided to search the town for anyone in danger and try and find a bloodhounds. Stealthily moving away from the docks towards central plaza for a few minutes they noticed four strange figures moving through the deserted street. Female dwarf with armor and equipment, great ax on her back leading three other humans all carrying packs and gear. They moved south towards the docks. Nemi and Amarae followed from the shadows and when the group reached the water they checked their gear, lit a bullseye lantern, flashed it three times towards the ocean and moved into the water.

Deciding against going into the water Nemi and Amarae again headed north through town making their way towards the walled section in the northwestern side of Phlan port. Climbing over the wall they noticed the guard posts were vacant and the streets here also empty. After a few minutes without finding any signs of bloodhounds they approached a one of the larger houses set back from the street with walls facing the street and a metal fence leading up to a covered entry way. There Nemi rapped loudly on the door and created a loud voice

“City Guards”

When the door didn’t open she created an muttered waving her fingers creating the image of a demonic creature flying inside the door. Cries erupted from inside the house and heavy footsteps could be heard. Lights went on throughout the house and at least half a dozen voices could be hear. Amarae, who was now back in her normal form approached the door to try and open it but no keyhole was visible and it would not budge. Hearing footsteps coming towards the door she quickly hid in the shrubbery. A hatch in the door opened and a human looked out spotting her hiding and turned called

“There is someone hiding out there!”

The door remained closed and soon Nemi and Amarae made their way back towards the town square. Their they heard a slurred singing and investigating they found an attractive young man stumbling his way through the streets singing a merry song. Following him east he stumbled along for several minutes before he stopped turning and talking to someone on a side street out of view. He appeared unsure of what to do but after a short discussion a beautiful young women emerged from the side street and he took her arm and walked with her south.

As they reached the docks Amarae yelled for the man to run but he looked around confused as Nemi’s crossbow bolt stung her leg . The women looked at the young man and he collapsed to the ground. She easily picked him up and made for the water. Nemi’s second crossbow impaled the young man she was carrying as Amarae magic brought the roots and weeds to life around the woman wrapping her legs and holding her. Then she changed, growing tall and hideous, she torn from the roots and rushed towards the water and dropped in. Nemi and Amarae followed attacking with sling and bolt wounding but the hideous creature turned and looked at Nemi and she collapsed. Still carrying the limp young man she continued deeper into the water. Amarae followed bringing a moonbeam from the sky to burn her. Badly injured she dropped the young man and disappeared. With a last desperate attempt Amarea moved her moonbeam to where she guessed the creature was and to her surprise the creature screamed and appeared floating in the water. Amarae gathered all the bodies and brought them to land. Nemi recovered cut the creatures neck deeply. Then searched the creature finding 10 silver and smashed her skull on the cobble stones till she was able to remove her eyes.



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