Forgotten Keep and the Western Lands

Giant sized problems

The party set up their camp in a small clearing at the edge of the forest for the night. The night was very calm and quiet except for the occasional forest creature. During the second watch Theoren heard a rustling up in the leaves of a tree near the clearing. Looking to where he heard the sound he saw nothing but woke up Rolf to be sure. Rolf peered through sleepy eyes and saw nothing as well. As Rolf tried to fall back to sleep Theoren again heard noises in the tree leaves but much farther away this time to the north. Waking everyone up Amarae used magic to create a noise in the forest away from the party but nothing responded. Listening again she noticed the forest was unusually quiet, no animal sounds could be heard. The party went back to sleep except Theoren who listened most and after about ten minutes once again heard the sounds of the forest return.

A few hours later after Rolf had taking over the watch the party was awaken by the sounds of something large crashing through the forest towards them from the north. Rolf rush to the edge of the camp to attempt to frighten it away. There he saw a giant in mismatched chain and leather armor wielding a giant sized club heading straight towards the group. He was grumbling and muttering in a language that Rolf could not understand. Nemi recognizing Grukk jumped up and called out to him. He responded to her but seemed very agitated repeating must smash and glancing at the trees around him.

Nemi cried out not to hurt him and Rolf pulled out his net as Theoren rushed forward slashing at Grukk’s legs cutting him. Rolf’s net flow over Grukk’s head and Rolf tackled his legs knocking him to the ground. Nemi moved her hands and a deep voice boomed out from the air around Grukk in a language most of the party could not understand. Grukk, now on the ground mostly covered in a net gripped the net in the center with a grunt tore a huge hole in the it and stumbled to his feet looking at the air around him confused.

Theoren moved back to the center of the camp while Rolf tried to tackle Grukk back to the ground but Grukk’s leg stood firm like a tree as Rolf hit it. Grukk stumbled forward, eyes large, neck veins bulging and skin reddened. With Rolf dragging on his leg Grukk moved towards the center of the camp where Gannic, Amarae and Theoren stood. Gannic launched a sling stone which ricocheted off the side of Grukk’s thick skull. Theoren moved behind Grukk and slashed at him with both swords but Grukk swatted at Theoren as he did knocking Fimbric from his hands landing on end sticking into in the leaf covered ground a half dozen sword lengths away. Nemi cried out, “Stop attacking Grukk and run away” and pointed her crossbow threateningly at the group. Amarae moved to the right side of the clearing and fired an arrow from her long bow which stuck into Grukk’s armor. As she did Nemi fired her crossbow cutting open Amarae’s arm and glancing her side. Nemi then retreated into the foliage at the edge of the clearing disappearing from sight.

Everyone except Rolf noticed that Fembric which was stuck in the earth on the edge of the clearing suddenly disappeared and a beating of wings could be heard moving up. Theoren cried out launching an arrow in at the sound but it flew harmlessly into the night. Gannic quickly revealed his acorn and yelled out “DROP” in the direction of the sound. A second later Fembric appeared out of thin air falling slowly towards the earth. Rolf still wrapped around Grukk’s leg moved out in front of the giant and produced a furious battle cry seeking to drive the giant back. When Grukk did not respond he stuck the giant in the groin with is fist. The Giant grunted but the blow was only glancing. In response Grukk brought swung his club down on Rolf but was able to connect as Rolf spun out of the way. Amarae muttered and a large ball of flame sprang into existence in the forest wear Nemi has hidden. Nemi fired another crossbow bolt from the brush striking Amarae in the side seriously wounding her, and then retreated into the darkness of the forest.

Theoren rushed to the retrieve Fimbric and after doing so searched the foliage for signs of Nemi but could not find any. Gannic quickly used his magic to project a magic aura around Amarae to discourage further attacks and then rush to her healing some of her wounds. Rolf, attempted to climb onto Grukk and headbutt him, but was unable to grip his armour. Grukk responding by sweeping his club across the ground catching Rolf in the body and smashing him several dwarf lengths to the side towards Gannic and Amarae. Amarae moved to Rolf healing him and helping him up from the ground. Rolf, realizing that not violently attacking the giant was no longer an option drew his Axe and lunged at Grukk in a flurry striking his armored side and slashing his leg and side. As he did Rolf notice there was something different about his blows, they didn’t seem to cut the giants flesh as they should. After he attacked Nemi’s voice yelled from the air above the clearing “There is something wrong with the Giant run away.”

Theoren moved back to where Amarae, Gannic and Rolf were, preparing to retreat with them. Gannic also prepared to retreat into the forest waiting for Rolf and Amarae. Rolf disengaged from the Giant and backed into the woods defending himself. Grukk chased after Rolf swinging his club but as he did four small glowing orbs appeared in the air floating around around his head. Distracted Grukk swatted at the orbs with his hand but still managed a glancing blow on Rolf with his club. Amarae put her bow away and retrieved her shield and then moved the ball of fire onto the Giant and then took cover behind a tree to protect herself from Nemi. Grukk roared as he was burned by the flame and turned towards Amarae ignoring the orbs of light dancing around his head. Amarae ducted beneath her shield as Grukks club swung over her head but he recovered quickly and brought his club down crushing Amarae beneath her destroyed shield. Gannic and Theoren rushed to her side ignoring the looming giant. Gannic quickly infused his hand with magic and touched her bringing Amarae back to consciousness and together with Theoren lifted her from the ground and rushed her away from Grukk as he furiously swatted at the glowing orbs floating around his head.



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