Forgotten Keep and the Western Lands

With Devotion Comes Strength

Facing dozens of undead and a trio of magic wielding creatures protected by a aquatic giant most of the party fled from the harbor. Gannic however turned towards the undead creatures and raised his holy acorn. Power emanated it and ten of the undead creatures fell to the cobblestone street. Then Gannic ran as the rest chased him. Theoren put an arrow through one but it continued after Gannic. As they raced away from the harbor Nemi dropped down from the roof and joined them. They pursuers stopped after a few blocks and Theoren lead the group to Abbey’s home following the directions she had provided him. Abbey and Koldo reunited with tears of job and Abbey thanked everyone profusely. Over the next hour they caught up and the party told the story of finding Koldo. Nemi kept watch outside and Abbey fed everyone cabbage soup.

Meanwhile Rolf found himself surrounded by rugged looking humans. They did not all rush him but gave him space, ready, waiting for him to make as move. As he rushed towards the enemies on the right along the railing of the ship they moved back from him as others attacked him from behind. Rolf rushed to the bow of the ship as the humans turned to face him blocking the deck but did not approach. The captain called for “Lies” to heal the wounded and the female human who had been at his side went to the aid of the fallen. Then the captain bellowed “Pirin drop him” and the other human at his side motioned with his hands and Rolf felt a wave of fatigue assault him but it passed in a seconds time. Then it was Lies turn to direct her magic at Rolf but again he resisted. Then the crew began producing crossbows and Rolf made a run for the edge of the deck. A sticky web suddenly covered the Rolf and the deck of the ship but he managed to tear through it and throw himself overboard but not before being struck with several bolts leaving him badly injured. Rolf quickly sank the several hundred feet to the bottom of the sea and started running towards land as he saw six figures enter the water above him. On the seafloor Rolf moved through cover and lost his followers. Soon he dragged himself onto land and produced his healing kit to bandage his wounds.

After reuniting Koldo and Abbey the rest of the party went out to look for Rolf. They found him on the roof of the Broken Mast doing katas with his ax. He seemed to be engulfed in a glow of energy, his wounds healed. After convincing Rolf off the roof the group returned to Abbey’s and rested there. When they awoke the sky had returned to normal and it was late in the day. They spent the rest of the day purchasing some new equipment and Amarae purchased a Bloodhound named leaf. Rolf had another dream in which he saw the symbol in the sky which he had been wearing in an earlier dream and awoke to a voice. “With devotion comes strength”.



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