Forgotten Keep and the Western Lands

Mantru and the talking Chief

After initial show of force the party was able to converse with the villagers and were brought into the village to speak with Fano the “talking chief”, a elderly warrior with a badly sacred left arm and Lumat the eldest villager. After some discussion Fano took the party to the council hut on the lake.

The hut was bordered by benches and on a raised platform against the far wall was the Chief Statue. Fano asked questions to the statue and responded with answers from it. After asking Fano and Lumat many questions the group returned to the village to a feast of fish, fruits, soup, roasted bird and yam beer.

During the feast the party was able to determine that the villagers considered the island in the lake evil and would not talk about it other than to ask for help with a group of humans who were attacking them from the lake and might be cannibals.

Later in the evening Gannic was able to cast detect magic on the Chief statue and it did not appear magical but he blessed it all the same. Before leaving for the island the party asked for food and yam beer and Rolf gave up his battle ax when the villagers became offended when they asked for it after provided the food and drinks when asked.

The next morning the group took one of the village outriggers and rowed to the island. The island was rocky and various ruins could be seen scattered on the steep shores. As they approached Gannic noticed a huge oak tree growing out of the island on the west side. Docks could be seen extending from what looked like an ancient temple on the western shore. As they approached a human quickly rowed a small canoe to the dock and disappeared into the structure.

The group landed and up a series of stairs to a passageway leading into the island. The passageway was partially blocked with rubble and several native humans could be seen on the other side with weapons. As Gilven tried to communicate with them Gannic began muttering and rushed into the passageway. As Gannic raced through the opening and disappeared into the room battle erupted in the passageway. As the party pushed though the opening and fought their way to the end of the passageway a large open chamber was revealed with a huge human face carved into the far wall. A netted opening let smoke out of the ceiling several children scrambled up a rope towards the open sky. Rolf and Theoren in pursuit of Gannic met the chief and shaman at the entrance to the room. Gilven set fire to the shaman with three scorching rays and he fell. The Chief fell shortly after on the stairs to the right as Rolf and Theoren were driving back by dozens of spears and arrows. Gilven responding with a fireball ripping through the center of the room sending flames and bodies in all directions. Talwyn covered the entrance to the room with a cloud of fog and only cries, screams and yells could be heard through the fog.

The Secret Insides of Apes

Gilven and Gannic rested in the giant ape’s nest and Talwyn rested in a tree while Rolf, Theoren and Nemi scouted to the north. After a few hours Rolf and Theoren returned and Gilven heard something in the forest near them. After waiting in silence for a few minutes the group crept forward to investigate. Talwyn in the lead notice a large tree was moving and it looked down at her with an eye in its trunk. She retreated to the group and Gilven stepped forward and began speaking with it in Sylvan. The tree seemed mostly concerned with the forest and glad that ape was no longer alive. After being assured it was safe to rest in this location the tree move away.

Just before nightfall Nemi still out of the forest noticed the dragon again circling above the mountain before flying northeast. The party rested for the night before leaving the forest In the morning and heading north. After less than an hour of travel they came to a small river and Gilven crossed it by walking on the water.

As he prepared to tie off the rope he was trailing six large apes appeared on the bank above him and attacked. Gilven was driven back onto the river and would have been knocked unconscious if it was not for Gannic’s healing. Rolf and Theoren rushed across as Nemi and Talwyn attacked the apes with crossbows. After a pitched battle most of the apes were killed but Gilven, Gannic and Theoren were injured.

Talwyn and Gannic used all of their healing to bring everyone back to traveling condition. As they did Gilven cast identify on the ape statue and found it not to be magical. He then cast detect magic and found the small statue glowed orange from its center much as Gannic has seen. Looking carefully at the statue he found a well hidden plate that slid open to reveal a silver ring inside. The ring was etched with fine twisting vines that looked elvish but he recognized as drow work. As Gilven studied the ring Smigel err Nemi quickly snatched it from him and put it on her finger. Gilven, shocked asked for it back but Nemi was quite. Thoeren seeing the exchange approached and also asked for the ring to be returned but Nemi made no motion to remove it. Gilven and Thoeren shrugged and the group continued to the base of the volcano.

Climbing was slow but fairly safe with Talwyn taking one small fall. After eight hours of climbing with the last few over ice and snow the party reached the rim of the volcano and looked down into the volcanic crater. The bottom of the crater was made up for a large lake but a small group of structures could be seen on the west side. The party started the descent immediately and by nightfall had nearly reached the bottom. With lights they continued into the darkness and in a few more hours found themselves in the jungle floor of the crater.

As the group set up to rest for the night everyone ate their dry rations except Nemi who didn’t have any left. As she peered around at the group Theoren offered to trade her some dried fish for the ring she had snatched but she refused.

After resting the evening the adventures traveled west along the lake edge to a small village surrounded by a stockade wall made of palm trunks. As they approached a group of warriors moved out of the village gate with weapons drawn and let out a tribal yell.

Apes big and small

In the morning with the storm passed the group began preparing to cross the rope bridge. Almost a dozen huge flying reptiles with wingspans stretching the length of two men seemed to be nesting on the opposite side of the canyon in various places. They glided above and through the canyon as Rolf started across the rope bridge. He was harnessed to a rope made of three ropes tied together and attached to the anchor on the side of the mountain.

About half way across the bridge Rolf was attacked by the several of the nine flying pteranodons and knocked off the bridge. As he started to fall his fall slowed considerably due to the magic of Fembric and he was able to throw his grappling hook to the opposite side of the canyon. The pteranodons continued to attack him as the rest of the group barraged them with arrows, bolts and magic. Seven of the pteranodons flew towards the main group and attacked. After several minor injuries most of the reptile birds were defeated with missile fire. Rolf swing on his grappling hook and ended up on a ledge about fifty feet below the bridge which was home to a large nest with two eggs. The last two pteranodons landed on the ledge and attacked Rolf but he defeated them.

After all the flying threats had been defeated Rolf climbed up to the bridge with one of the eggs. The other had been broken in the fight. The rest of the group crossed the bridge and together they climbed the remaining few hundred feet to the top where a massive plateau stretched out before them. In the center stood a huge volcanic mountain, its top covered in snow. A small path lead north which they followed for several miles till it split to the east and north west. The north west trail took them towards a small forest.

As they approached trees on the edge of the forest could be seen moving. As the party moved closer to investigate an Ape the size of a small tavern rushed out of the forest towards that at full speed baring its teeth. The Ape was hit with various missile weapons before it reached the group and when it did Rolf rushed to it slashing wildly. The Ape responded by picking up Rolf launching him like a boulder which hit Gilven seriously injuring them both but the rest of the groups attacks wounded the Ape and she retreated back into the forest.

The group continued towards the forest as large rocks struck several of the group knocking them to the group and unconscious. Gannic’s quick work was able to prevent any any fatalities and keep the group moving. Eventually Nemi and Theoren made it to the forest edge to see the Ape standing next to a pile or large rocks. They attacked from the cover of trees injuring the giant beast more seriously. Suddenly the beast rushed forward to the three Nemi was hiding behind and engulfed her in its huge maw. Theoren rushed forward as the rest of the group hit the monster with everything they had. Theoren reached the huge age and stabbed it through the side with his rapier and it dropped Nemi from its mouth as it collapsed catching Theoren underneath its massive body.

After recovering from the battle the group followed the obvious signs of the Ape’s passage to a large nest made of bushes and trees. In the nest they found some coins and an small Ivory statue of an ape.

small Ivory statue of an ape

Mountains and Trails

Day 1:
Leaving the foul smelling caves and the friendly deck of the Sea Dagger behind the party headed south climbing large mountains. At the peak of the mountain pass they looked down on jungle turning into swamp around a huge lake to the South West. The mountain range continued to the south blocking off the center of the island interior. Thalyn lead the way down the mountains to the edge of the jungle and along the western edge of mountain range. The party was able to avoid much of the swamp and jungles by staying in the foothills of the mountains.

Day 2:
As the party progressed south Talwyn saw a huge dragon high overhead and quickly lead the party into the cover of forest to the west. In the forest a deranged Ankylosaurus came crashing through the trees and attacked. As they group fought the Ankylosaurus an Allosaurus rushed Theoren from the trees, grabbed him in its jaws, easily lifting him into the air and almost swallowing him but before it could the party damaged it severely and it dropped Theoren and fled into the forest where Gilvens magic missiles followed and fell the giant reptile. After defeating both the huge beasts the adventures continued south along the mountain edge.

Day 3:
After several days of travel the mountains lead to a large open rocky plane. The group continued moving cautiously around the plane avoiding the open area with. After skirting the open rocky area the Talwyn heard screams from over a rocky hill. The party hid and witnessed another huge reptile similar in size to the Allosaurus eating something. After a few minutes it wandered off and the party found backpack near where the dinosaur was seen. The backpack contained gold nugget wrapped in map and several weeks of dried rations. After inspecting the backpack’s contents they set off again followed mountains south.

Day 4:
The group decided to turn east and climb the mountains. After almost a full day of travel they managed to reach the other side of the mountains where they dropped down into a river gorge.

Day 5:
Descending from the mountains was much quicker than climbing them and the group reached the edge of the river gorge. Theoren noticed a trail on the other side of the river canyon during the descent but no obvious way of crossing the gorge the party turned south traveling along canyon rim. The canyon fell away as the group continued south and the ocean came into view in the distance.

Day 6:
Eventually the river split and opened into a huge swampy area and Talwyn found a trail through the swamp to the other side of the river and north back up the opposite side of the canyon rim.

Day 7-8:
Now following what looked like a small footpath which climbed steadily into the mountains along the edge of the river gorge the group suspected they were following the trail shown on the map they had found. Eventually the path turned east where three rivers came together deep in the river gorge. After less than a days more travel the group came to a rope bridge that stretched across the river canyon and the path looked to continue on the other side. High winds and rain swept over the mountains forcing the group to take shelter for the night and wait for the storm to pass.

Small gold nugget

Strong winds and aquatic reptiles

With strong winds the Sea Dagger sailed north along the coast of the Red Isle. After passing a mountainous coastline the island turned to jungle. After a few hours the jungle turned to swamp and the sea dagger turned west along the northern tip of the island. As the coast changed back to jungle the ship continued west past two smaller islands, a coral reef, and another island. There, the Sea Dagger turned south back to the Red Isle and a coast of sheer rock where mountains met the ocean.

As the party looked out over the Sea Dagger Talwyn noticed a huge, dark shape moving beneath the water towards the ship. As she alerted the others, a huge reptilian creature with four webbed feet and five snake-like heads exploded out of the water onto the side of the Sea Dagger’s deck. Rolf and Theoren rushed forward, slashing and stabbing the giant beast as Talwyn tossed her grappling hook across its back. Nemi fired arrows at it as Gannic, hearing the commotion, appeared from below and began a blessing for the group. As the vicious creature’s teeth tore into Rolf and Theoren, Galvin unleashed a ball of fire over the side of the ship, burning the sea reptile. Talywn, unable to move past the creature with her rope to ensnare its heads, backed up and launched a magical hail of thorns, digging into the creature’s side. As the creature continued to suffer wounds from all directions, Gannic was able to heal some of the wounds the snake-like teeth delivered.

After another explosion of fire blistered the reptile’s back and destroyed one of its heads, it began to slip back off the side of the ship, grabbing Rolf and Theoren in two of its toothy jaws as it did. With Rolf desperately clinging to a broken railing, Nemi and Talwyn sunk an arrow and bolt deep into the neck and head of the creature which went limp, releasing Rolf from its grasp. Meanwhile, with Theoren clinging to Talwyn’s rope, Galvin’s gestures brought forth four streaking bolts of force which blasted the head of the jaws holding Theoren and they released him as the creature fell away from the Sea Dagger into the ocean.

With the creature dead, the Sea Dagger towed it behind as it continued south along the coast till at the southernmost point it stopped in view of a small beach and cave. As it was late in the day, the part rested the night on the Sea Dagger and next morning landed on the beach and cut into the stomach of the huge reptile they had slain.

As they did, Talwyn explored the entrance to the cave and the pool that filled most of it. There she heard a hissing voice and repeating it to Galvin he recognized it as a dragonic dialect. When he tried to speak with them and did not receive a response Talwyn snuck along the seaweed covered shore of the dark foul smelling pool into the cave. On the right she spotted five reptilian humanoids with spears and clubs. Unnoticed, she returned to the group and told them what she had seen.

Theoren rushed across the seaweed path and into the passageway. There he was besieged by spears from the creatures, suffering several wounds. The rest of the group rushed along the seaweed path but slipped and fell into the pool. As they all managed to scramble out of the pool into the cavern, Galvin walked across the surface of the pool to the other side. There he was attacked by spears from the passageway to the left. Rolf, seeing Galvin wounded from the spears, ran past him to the left and engaged five more of the foul smelling reptilian humanoids. After Galvin responded with two fiery explosions down the left passageway, Rolf was about to defeat the rest of the creatures in the left cavern opening. Gannic and Theoren, with Nemi and Talwyn providing missile support, defeated the remaining creatures in the right cavern with Theoren dropping the last one with an arrow as it tried to escape through a pool farther down the passageway.

With all the creatures slain, the group explored the cavern, finding several chambers with rocky sleeping quarters and many bones and seaweed littering the rooms. Pools dominated much of the chambers with two being dark and deep enough that the bottom was not visible. The other pools contained several of the mysterious dog fish, which are prized by the wealthy Mari women as an aphrodisiac.

Swimming with Snakes

With strong winds the Sea Dagger sailed east till they spotted a flying creature near the island to the north west. The Sea Dagger turned north west towards the island. As they approached the crows nest spotted three ships near the southern tip of the island. Fleeing south along the slaver island the Sea Dagger was able to lose the pursuing ships and make their way off the coast of an island for the night. The next day the Sea Dagger arrived at the village of Tanaroa and delivered the corpses to Huita.

The next day following Mira’s directions the Sea Dagger made its way to the oyster beds on the east of the reef. There Galvin, Theoren and Gannic dove for oysters for half of the day defeating five huge sea snakes in the process and finding three pearls.

The following day the Sea Dagger continued north along the coast of the red isle. As they moved up the coast a small cave was spotted on one of the rocky cliffs inland. Using the ring of water walking Rolf carried the party to the rocky shore and they moved up a ravine towards the opening in the rocky wall above. As the party approached they were attacked by three rock skinned flying gargoyles. After defeating them creatures Rolf and Theoren climbed up the rocky cliff into the small cave. There they found a large ruby and a scroll. As Rolf began climbing down from the cave he slipped on a loose rock but as he began to fall he floated like a feather landing on the ground unharmed. Back on the Sea Dagger they continued north and west till the rocky cliffs and Ravines turned to dense jungles and the sun sank behind the Red Isle. There they looked for a place to make landfall.

Giant sized misunderstanding

With the slavers defeated and the camp deserted Nemi and Talwyn went about searching the huts. They dragged the outrigger sails out of a locked wooden cabinet in the with the most decedent furnishings before setting fire to it. The huts which had contained captives contained manacles which Nemi noticed had a small symbol of crossed chains attached to manacles on it. Nemi set fire to the rest of the huts after searching them finding only mondain personal items and furniture in all except the tool hut. The tool hut was emptied before set ablaze.

Meanwhile Gannic set about jamming the secret door in the back of the cavern with some tools from the tool shed after healing Galvin. Rolf took time to dress his wounds before he and Galvin sorted the treasure in the chest into piles of copper, silver, electrum and seventeen uniform gems. Galvin also noticed a small symbol of crossed chains attached to manacles on the iron chest. As they worked Rolf asked Galvin if he had heard of the name Oskar. Galvin remembered a dwarven religious legend with a figure called Oskar Ornbreaker.

As the encampment burned some of the embers caught one of the sails on fire as well as a few trees to the north but the island was humid and rain had fallen recently so there was little change of a larger fire starting. After resting for an hour the group decided to investigate the escape passage. After unlocking the door they moved through the damp passageway for several hundred feet before it opened from the side of a rocky dune hidden by foliage. Talwyn spotted several tracks leading away from the opening in different directions but they soon congregated in what looked like seven sets traveling to the north.

After a few hours of following the tracks across sandy and rocky dunes another set of tracks appeared to join in, this set was much much larger and fresher. After another hour the group crested a dune to see a huge primitive humanoid standing about ten fight tall. She was armed with a club and spear and wearing simple furs. Her hair was thin and as dark as her beady eyes as she peered at the group from the side of the next dune.

Rolf and Galvin move to the front of the group and greeted her with friendly gestures. She cautiously approached, grumbling about being hungry which only Nemi and Galvin could understand. Galvin offered her rations which she took by the handful till he asked in a strange deep voice speaking the language of giants if she had seen a giant ape in the area. Taking offense to being called a giant ape she rushed forward swinging her club but slipped in the sand before Rolf knocked her over sending her to the sand in a heap. She picked herself up still hungry and managed to eat several more days of Galvin’s rations before Galvin asked if she had a family which seemed to anger her a bit but when asked where she lived she said a cave and gestured to the south before catching herself and again becoming angry about Galvin trying to trick her. When Galvin promised that they would lead her to “umans” to eat she followed for a few minutes before stopping and asking to eat Gannic. Galvin gave her a few more ration and she suddenly proclaimed she was full and wandered off to the south.

The tracks continued to the north and lead onto a dry rocky area where Talwyn was unable to continue to follow the trail, however the group continued north and came to edge of the island were a sandy beach lead into the water. On the beach three slavers sat next to a stick with a shirt tied to it. Near them stood four slavers who had passed from life into undeath. After observing for a few minutes Nemi and Talwyn moved to the western edge of the beach and then the rest of the group rushed from cover with Rolf yelling at the humans to lay down their arms which they did. However as Rolf dragged the one named Dagda into the water the injured one panicked and yelled “Attack” and ran for the cover of the trees. About half way there Nemi’s arrow caught up with him and he collapsed into the sand. The four undead attacked but Rolf with Fimbric split the skulls of two in half and the rest were defeated easily with a few minor injuries. When Rolf forced Dagda’s head underwater the other human took off running for the trees but three streaks of blue energy from Galvins hands ended his run.

Under threats of death Dagda explained that he was no slaver and he had been captured and forced to join them just a few moons ago. He said they exchanged natives for coin with a boat on the island to the north every couple moons and it had been about that long since an exchange had taken place. He did not know much about the boat but said the symbol of crossed chains attached to manacles was their flag. Galvin and Rolf offered to take Dagda back to the mainland with them so he could return to his family in the north. As followed their own trail back to the encampment Gannic and Rolf noticed the Dagda was obviously nervous and uneasy. Rolf began yelling at Galvin in dwarvish and then Galvin demanded Dagda tell them why he was nervous or he would let Rolf at him. Dagda swore he would tell them whatever they wanted to know Galvin used his magic powers to assure that Dagda was telling the truth but Dagda just swore he was telling the the truth and asked what they wanted to know. Then Gannic playing the “Better” constable grabbed Dagda and protected him from Galvin the “Good” constable, Rolf the “Bad” constable just cursed in dwarvish and glared pacing with his ax drawn.

As darkness fell the group continued following their tracks and made their way back to the cave entrance and through it to the encampment. Most of the camp was now smoldering and covered in ash. Loading up the supplies from the camp, six of the most “attractive” bodies into one of the outriggers and rowed back to the Sea Dagger leaving the outrigger in tow of the Sea Dagger.

The next morning was extra muggy and hot and the Sea Dagger was becalmed so everyone except Nemi took one of the outriggers and rowed north along the shore of the island looking for any signs of giant apes. They had been able to find any signs on the norther interior of the island and Dagda had not heard of any. The misunderstanding with the she-giant had lead to any further clues. As they passed a rocky done Galvins sharp elvish eyes glimpsed several hunched figured in a small gully.

Pulling the outrigger up on a rocky beach the group walked through the gully towards where Galvin has seen the figures. As they rounded a bend four figures were hunched over a body and appeared to be feasting. One stood and turned spotting the adventures and hissed. The others rose in unison and rushed covered in gore and blood. Rolf rushed forward to meet one with his blade striking a glancing blow. Galvin unleashed rays of fire being one to the ground in a sizzling heap and damaging a second one. The two emaciated naked humanoids ferociously attacked Rolf with teeth and nails scratching him twice. The third rushed Theoren and Talwyn but they stabbed and slashed it to the ground with Talwyn receiving only a minor scratch. The two attacking Rolf were quickly defeated and the group investigated the body these foul creatures had been eating. It appeared to be human, probably from the encampment. The group returned to the boat and continued their search along the coast finding nothing else that day before returning to the Sea Dagger.

Slavers last stand

Gannic brought the party together and let the tree of life’s leaves flow over them in a blessing which would bring favor on them in the upcoming battle. Then Rolf, Galvin, Theoren and Gannic moved into position on the edge of the darkness below the wooden tower overlooking the encampment as Nemi and Talwyn moved west through the dunes to the approach the other tower. After waiting a few minutes in unison Theoren and Galvin hit one of the guards in the tower with an arrow and magic missiles as Rolf hit the other with a crossbow bolt and Gannic engulfed him in divine flames causing him to tumble out of the tower in a panic and fall to his death.
With both the guards silenced the group moved to the beach and around he bramble barriers into the camp. As Theoren prepared to drag the body from next to the tower he noticed another guard at the fire looking over in his direction. Galvin reacted quickly with a gesture and streaks of force sent the slaver falling backwards in a heap onto another human sleeping near the fire. As he awake Rolf’s crossbow put him back to permanent sleep.

Meanwhile Talwyn guide Nemi within range of the raised western tower. At the edge of the torch light they took aim at the two guards and fired. Nemi’s arrow streaked into one of the guards and Talwyn’s bolt unleashed a swarm of thorns which pierced the other guards armor. As the guard struggled to react they were hit by another wave of thorns as well as Talwyns crossbow bolt and both collapsed into the tower. With the tower no longer guarded they began gathering wood and cutting a path through the brambles to reach the tower and set it on fire

Galvin and Gannic moved up to the fire to cover the bodies as Rolf and Theoren searched the southernmost huts finding only tools. With bodies back under their blankets Galvin and Gannic moved into the hut near the fire and saw two sleeping humans. As Gavlin moved towards one with this dagger Gannic tripped over the small table waking both the inhabitants. As they sprung out of bed for their cutlasses their yells could be heard throughout the village. Gannic was cut across the leg before stabbing the woman twice with his spear. Galvin was slashed across the arm before his staff smashed into the side of the human sending him into the hut wall in a crumpled heap. The woman staggered back crashing through the wall of the hut and tried to run for the cave but Galvin stepped through the hole she left and dropped her to the ground with magic missiles.

Rolf and Theoren rushed up to the next hut to find to more slavers raising from their slumber. They immediately recognized the shaman as green energy flowed from his hand just missing Rolf. The other human slashed at Rolf with familiar engraved longsword but missed as Rolf brought his ax across the chest of the magic wielder. In one motion with a stab and a leg sweep Theoren send the longsword wielding human to the group and turned with this second rapier and pierced the rib cage of the shaman sending him to the ground as his last breath bubbled out of the hole left in his side. Seeing the shaman dead the new leader stumbled to his feet and crashed out of the side of the hut. Rolf gave chase and clipped him with the side of his ax but was momentarily distracted when an arrow streaked into his back from Theoren’s bow. Seizing the opportunity to escape the man ran for the cave opening.

Nemi and Talwyn hearing the commotion for the camp, reloaded their crossbows and fired at slavers as they ran towards the cave. Talwyn’s excellent darkvision allowed her to see the leader of the group just before he reached the cave opening. With a single shot from her large crossbow he cried out as he fell to the ground his sword slipping from his hand.

With the encampment cleared and all the residents holed up in the cave Nemi quickly built a small pyre on the floor of the raised tower over a dark dried pool. As the fires reached the roof of the tower and engulfed it, flames rose like a pillar into the sky illuminating the encampment. Nemi looked on in glee as a faint wisp rose out of the fire and disappeared into the early morning darkness. Gannic stood in the center of the village with the flames leaping from the tower casting shadows across his face. As he demanded surrender little was heard from the cave.

After a few minutes with Rolf growing noticeable impatient Galvin slipped over to the side of the cave, laying prone he crawled to the entrance and peering inside unleashed three rays of fire at the occupants as a crossbow bolt skipped past him. Seconds later Rolf rushed the cave entrance with the rest of the group in tow and raced headlong into the cave. A rapid clatter of crossbows left him with several serious injured as he tripped on a hidden wire across the entrance and fell to the cavern floor unconscious. Theoren following close behind noticed the trip wire at the last second and leapt over it running towards the right wall of the cave slashing down the slaver there. Talwyn was not able to notice the tripwire in time and fell to the ground near Rolf. Behind her came Nemi who fired a her crossbow at the left side and then retreated back outside the cave. As Galvin passed Nemi he turned to the right and unleashed flames which burned three of the slavers but they all were able to fight on.

Last into the cave was Gannic, as chaos roared around him he calmly strode into the center of the cavern holding aloft a symbol marked with only a tree. As he did glowing roots appeared to grow from him and move across the floor towards the group of deceased sailors whom had begun to shamble towards the group with cutlasses raised. The root grasped at the creatures and as they did most of the creatures fell into a panic, retreating to the back of the cave and disappearing through a dark hole there. One creature fearlessly shambled forward slashing at Gannic. Three more of the creatures tried to continue forward but their unnatural life force was drawn from them into the roots and they fell to the cave floor never to raise again.

The remaining slavers rushed forward drawing long sword and shield or cutlass. Galvin could not retreat and was slashed twice. Several other slavers fired crossbows towards the dwarfs in the center of the room but they ricocheted off harmlessly. With a grumble Rolf sat up and looked around confused. Talwyn crawled to him and with a few words healing energy flowed into his body relieving his pain. Theoren pierced the leather armor of the second slaver to rush towards him sending him to the ground. Rolf and Talwyn rose and moved to protect Gannic from the last remaining undead. Rolf’s ax gashed it deeply before Talwyn’s sword sliced through its abdomen sending it falling to the ground in two parts. Gannic then moved to Galvins side and healed his wounds. Galvin, refreshed unleashed another wave of fire which dropped two of the previously burnt humans. The third slashed Galvin again before Nemi’s staff cracked him across the side of his head dropping him to the ground. With most of the slavers dead or dying the small group with crossbows in the back rushed through the dark opening in the back of the cave and disappeared. Galvins magic missiles finished off the last remaining enemy and the cave fell quiet except the crackling of fire burning the tower just outside the entrance.

Tucked into the side of the cave was a large metal box which Nemi opened with the key she had found on the previous leaders neck. The box was filled with thousands of silver, copper and electrum coins. Several gems could be seen among the coins as well. Searching the camp revealed little else except some tools, food and tar. The bodies had few coins but the engraved longsword and silver etched ring both glowed of magic under Gannics spell.

Wind and web

Among the rescued captives was a human named Gannic, a religious man worshiping the the life tree. He offered to help the adventures as a way off the island and back to his home in the Mari kingdom. After discussion with Mira about the “Magic Water” and the location of a rich pearl bed the group decided to return to the slavers camp and avenge their fallen comrades. Mira described a central mountain with a flat top and a village at the top. A place where “The Gods” had built upon, the same ones who had built the great wall. This was where the magic water would be found. As they prepared to leave the young zombie mistress approached them about the bodies of the fallen. She agreed to preserve them in exchange for two other bodies brought to her within two moons. As the Sea Dagger again set sail for the south western island the wind was light and progress was slow. After a full day of sailing the winds picked up a bit and the next day brought them ship back through were Gilven had spotted something under the water.

Gilven, Gannic and Theoren along with the first mate, Flann dropped into the boat and rowed through the kelp forest where Gilven had first noticed something underwater. After a few minutes the boat lurched and stopped, caught on something underwater. As it did two huge spiders climbed out of the water from both sides of the boat. Gilven brought forth four blue bolts and sent them into one of the huge spiders as Theoren slashed it twice sending it splashing into the sea. On the other side of the boat the spider was hit by a bolt from the archers on the ship and Gannic stabbed his spear into the spider but it slid down his spear and bite his arm before he could push it into the ocean. Another two spiders climbed up the sides of the boat but one was struck by a bolt from Nemi and Talwyn pinning its corpse to the boat. On the other end Gilven and Theoren quickly defeated the last spider and sent it back to the sea. With the spider threat over Theoren went overboard and cut the boat free from their webs. Then with a rope tied to him swam to a bundle of webbing and pulled a water logged backpack from it.

As the boat returned to the Sea Dagger Theoren pulled three opaque bottles from the bottom of the pack. Galven identified two of them as healing potions. The third was clear and steamed when opened. Once back on board the Sea Dagger, it continued towards the slavers island and arrived shortly before nightfall. Staying to the south the Sea Dagger dropped anchor and a few hours before daylight the group once again dropped into the boat and made their way to the shore. With the humans waiting at the boat the rest of the group moved quietly to within sight of the encampment. There they could see the towers were manned with guards. After observing for a few minutes they returned to the Nemi and Gannic to make a plan.

Freedom and Loss

Nemi retrieved the blue potion from her back and drank it as Delen fired another arrow from the tower then with a cry he fell to the tower floor with a huge gash in his forehead. As a feeling of warmth filled Nemi’s body she got back to her feet and peered over the edge of the tower wall. The humans that had been firing crossbows at the tower were nowhere to be seen. In the darkness she could see several other shapes moving past the huts just north of the tower. Unsure of what to do Nemi stepped over Delens body being careful not to slip on the puddle of blood quickly growing beneath his head. She quietly moved down the ladder and past a grass hut towards the main group of combatants.

Rolf’s ax opened a huge gash in the side the man in front of him before momentum of the swing took the ax head through the hip of a second slaver. Theoren held the third human at bay but as he turned he saw Rolf grasp his back and collapse to the ground. When Theoren turned back to his opponent he had backed away and was retreating towards the west of the camp. Theoren gave chase trying to tackle the man as he ran but he managed to keep his feet and headed towards an opening in a hill on the west of the camp. Inside Theoren could see at least a half dozen slavers armed with crossbows guarding the opening.

As Gilven glanced around the battlefield a human was dragging the body of the leader towards the west side of the camp. Gilven rushed to him with his staff at the ready, the man dropped the body and slashed Gilven with his cutlass. As Nemi approached Gilven he focused on his staff and swung it low at the slavers side striking him with a loud crack sending his body flying into the side of a hut where it collapsed in a heap. Nemi quickly searched the leaders body finding only a cord necklace with a silver key on it. It was apparent that his sword and a ring were missing from his body. His throat has also be cut. With the slavers in the cave opening Gilven searched the huts and free all the captives. Nemi and Theoren searched the bodies and several huts. With help from the captives the group managed to bring the bodies of Delen, Lars, Thalwyn and Rolf back to the Sea Dagger. Rolf and Talwyn regained consciousness within a few hours but there was nothing that could be done for Delen and Lars, their connections to this plane has been broken and they were lost.

Strong winds provided full sails which carried the Sea Dagger back to the village by early evening. As the freed natives raced up the beach the villagers rejoiced and Doran rejoined his sister, Mira of the Hawk and welcomed the group back to the village as heroes. The following day a feast was held to honor of the bravery and sacrifices made in the rescue of the villagers. At the end of the feast the adventurers were presented with a captured saber tooth tiger.

Treasure from Slavers:
210 cp
11 sp
12 ep


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