The Characters:

Rolf – Male Hill Dwarf, Warrior. Tough as rocks, deadly with a great ax or anything great or ax like for that matter. Friendly and outgoing, helpful and good natured. Gets impatient easily and very dangerous when irritated. Revels in contests of drinking and hates to lose a contest of strength or combat. Searching for the Pool of Life to help Coreen, a Medusa who is the result of a Curse.

Galvin – Male high elf, cautious and at times indecisive. A bit frail. Powerful mage and brilliant linguist. Wields a powerful magical staff call The Staff of Striking. Has been approached by the Soul Seers and told his soul is stained with the death of an innocent. Agreed to a task of cleansing to unstain his soul but does not know what it is yet. Normally good natured and helpful to a point. Searching for the Pool of Life to help Coreen, a Medusa who is the result of a Curse.

Talwyn – Female “Tree” Dwarf Ranger, originally searching for information about the Human and Giant lizard that killed her brother, now searching for the Pool of Life in hopes that it can bring her brother back to life. Called a “Tree” dwarf because when the party first encountered her she was hidden in a tree watching the entrance to a giant lizards lair.

Theoren – Male Half elf from Mari-Lorn who left his human father to search for his elvish heritage and find out about his mother whom his father would never speak of. Was always second to his human older brother. Worked as a caravan guard for years before joining a group scouting the Dagmean border and traveling with them to the Red Isle. Skilled with two blades.

Nemi – Female Human (Mari), skilled at stealth and acrobatics. Charismatic but also mute. Loner who often does not participate in group activities. Unknown motives, may be curious about the Pool of Life but does not think it can change her from being mute. Often trying to get Rolf to drink more and may be a bit of a klepto.

Gannic – Human (Mari) Male was freed from the slavers encampment. Devout worshiper of life. Wears the holy tree symbol around his neck. Fearless and calm in most situations. Curious about the Pool of Life as a relic of his god.

Delen – Male Human skilled in acrobatics and combat, was freed from a outpost along the Dagmean border after being captured while searching for gems along the rocky badlands. Was slain in battle during a attack on a slavers encampment.

Amarae – Female Druid Wood Elf has lived most of her life in the wild isolated from contact with anyone but other Druids. She prefers the company of beasts, but has been driven out of the forest to seek the help of others due to an ominous threat to her home.

Forgotten Keep and the Western Lands

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