Forgotten Keep and the Western Lands

Apes and Sunshine

After Talwyn escaped from the angry Ankylosaurus she climbed the hill back to the rest of the group. From the hill they watched the Ankylosaurs slowly grazing their way along the edge of the swamp.

As they observed the creatures Talwyn, Delen and Theoren decided to try move down to the swamp edge to where the creatures had been grazing and follow their tracks to see where they had come from. As the three of them moved along the edge of the swamp they noticed a variety of tracks. Various small and medium sized animals as well as a pair of humanoid tracks and a large narrow clawed track much larger than human. The largest of the tracks were from Ankylosaurs.

As the half-elf, human and dwarf followed the large tracks backward they heard the sound of clattering rocks to the right. As they looked towards the hills two large apes rushing towards them. Taking no chances Talwyn fired her crossbow hitting one of the apes in the leg and then took cover behind a medium sized rock formation. Delen and Theoren also moved behind rocks as the apes rushed forward. The first ape leapt over the rocks Delen had taken cover behind and smashed him with a powerful blow. The other rushed Talwyn and badgered her with its fist. As Talwyn defended herself with her shield and bastard sword Delen fled from the ape. Theoren engaged the ape that had smashed Delen and as he did Delen stopped his retreat and began firing his crossbow at the ape. His fist bolt struck the ape in its the leg. The ape, enraged, brought its fist down catching Theoren in the top of his leg as he tried to move out of its reach. Back peddling Theoren turned and jumped off a large rock back towards the ape with both his rapiers leading. They they both impaling the ape it gasp and collapsed to the ground.

Meanwhile Talwyn was unable to strike the other ape as it knocked her shield aside with one blow and smashed the side of her face and shoulder with its other fist. She staggered under the force of the blow and collapsed to the ground in a heap. Theoren quickly dropped his pack and retrieved the net from within as the ape moved toward Talwyn and prepared to pick her from the ground. Delen rushed back to help, drawing his short sword and momentarily distracting the ape. Theoren quickly ran up a series of rocks and flung himself with the net in hand onto the back of the ape. Delen tried to subdue the ape with his sword but was unable to strike it effectively. Talwyn gasped for air as she returned to consciousness, using what little breath she had she muttered words of magic and healed her face and shoulder. Then she steadied herself, pulled the rope from her pack and hit the ape hard in the legs with her shoulder bringing it back to the ground. Delen also retrieved his rope and between the three of them they managed to restrain the ape in net and rope.

After a quick rest they built a travois, tied the ape to it and began to drag it back to their other companions. Dragging the ape in tow the six companions traversed the edge of the hills and swamp towards the trail from the tar pits.

After resting the night they continued the journey along the trail back to the village of Tanaroa. As evening approached the great stone wall appeared in the distance. Galvin signaled the ship and and after a while a small boat glided across the bay towards the narrow straight in front of the huge stone wall. As it did Delen noticed some of the debris in the small bay slide towards the boat in the form of a huge crocodile. Several others moved towards the boat as well. Delen called a warning to Phlan and he turned the boat away towards the village on the other side of the wall. After dragging the ape through the huge gates the party hauled it onto the boat and returned to the Sea Dagger for the night with their first capture.

After a restful night in the safety of the Sea Dagger the group returned to the village of Tanaroa in the morning and inquired about the twenty foot net. While in the village Theoren negotiated for the villagers to build a large raft to for them. Gilvan ended up paying with two bottles of wine from the orc caves. With the large net finished and in their possession the group once again passed through the gates and onto the main island.

After traveling along the trail to the tar pit and resting for the night they veered to the north, returned to where they had last seen the Ankylosaurs. After searching for a bit Talwyn noticed the tracks passing along the edge of the lake and the rocky hills. Following the Ankylosaurs tracks lead the group through the swamp to the west and then they turned north along the edge of rocky hills to the west.

After a few more hours the group of Ankylosaurs were spotted grazing along the edge of the swam. Nemi carefully moved to within fifty feet of the huge creatures at which point the largest one moved few steps in her direction and glared. Nemi threw a piece of fruit near the largest Ankylosaurus but he ignored it. The smallest of the Ankylosaurus moved up and quickly ate the fruit. After throwing and few more and watching the smallest one greedily devour them she put two and a half doses of the poison powder and tossed it towards the smallest Ankylosaurus. After eating the fruit, “Sunshine” as Nemi called it began to lounge in the sun as the other two Ankylosaurs wandered off along the edge of the swamp. The group patiently waited till the larger animals had moved out of view. Sunshine appeared very groggy by this time and the party moved close and splinted Sunshines tail for safety. After waiting for the Ankylosaurus to come regain some of its conrdination Nemi began feeding it fruit and coaxing it to start moving to the south. Delen climbed a tree to pick some more fruit and then fastened a piece of fruit to a stick with a rope and climbed on top of the Ankylosaurus. With the fruit dangling in front of the Ankylosaurus it began moving south along the edge of the swamp with Delen and Nemi on top of it. Nemi tossed fruit in front of Sunshine occasionally to keep it moving. As night fell Sunshine turned found a place to sleep and the rest of the group slept as well.

The next morning they set off again to the south along the swamp till a huge tar pit blocked their progress. Making their way east through the swamp and around the tarpit the party and the Ankylosaurus found the trail leading back towards the great wall and village. Night caught up with the group before they could reach the wall and they set camp off the trail. Early the next morning the watch noticed some lights moving along the trail from the south. Staying hidden while Sunshine slept the party observed group of seven cavemen like humans traveling north carrying a large crocodile which it appeared they had killed. After they has passed Sunshine awoke and the party set off again to the south.

As the gate and wall neared some of the party went into Tanaroa and secured two half barrels of fermented fruit and brought it out to Nemi. Then they returned to the village and launched the newly built raft into the bay. As the rest of the party rowed the raft around the wall towards the narrow straight Nemi fed Sunshine one of the vats of fermented fruit and half of the other. When the raft reached the shore Nemi passed the half empty vat of fermented fruit onto the raft and Sunshine followed by trying to climb onto the raft.

The weight of Sunshine caused the raft to lurch knocking Nemi into the water. As she splashed a huge crocodile slid towards her. Just before it reached her Talwyn fired her crossbow striking the crocodile in the neck and it disappeared into the water. With help Nemi climbed onto the raft and they pulled the vat to the other side of the raft. As Sunshine climbed onto the raft it shifted again and Nemi and Galvin both slipped and fell into the water. Two more crocodiles attracted by the attention quickly slid forward. As Nemi tried to climb onto the raft one of the crocodiles grabbed her by the legs. Another crocodile’s jaws clamped on down on Galvin’s shoulders and torso. Concentrating on his staff Galvin reached back and struck the crocodile with a loud crack causing a shock wave to ripple through the water. Rolf brought his ax down on the back of the crocodile nearly cutting it in half. It released its grip on Galvin and fell into the water. Talwyn rushed to the edge of the raft and slashed her bastard sword deep into the side of neck of the crocodile holding Nemi allowing her to scramble onto the raft and to safety. Phlann pulled the small boat up to the raft and most of the group scrambled onto the boat to allow the raft to float a bit higher in the water as they tied it to the boat and pulled it out to the ship securing the second capture.



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