Forgotten Keep and the Western Lands

Rumors from the West

In the morning the Amarae lead the group sans Rolf to the Broken Mast to meet Art. After about an hour Art never showed so they went to the house that Art had lead Amarae to the previous night. As Theoren reached for the knocker the door was opened by a small red haired girl with freckles. She excitedly brought them into a sitting room with a desk and after a few minutes discussion they decided the seek the mage Daveth’s magical evaluation for 100gp. After waiting a few minutes the group was let into Daveth’s office. Two brutish looking human guards stood by the door but said nothing. Daveth was a strange looking middle aged human with dark skin, blond hair and blue eyes. He used magic to identified the wooden magical item that had been given to the group by Abbey. He told the group it can be planted in good earth to restore its limited magical power. He also warned not to use all of its power or it may be damaged. He also said to focus on it and the commands would be revealed. After talking for a while Theoren also paid Daveth to appraise the black pearl. He appraised its worth at around 3000 gp. Also spoke with Daveth about magic items, he had several potions, oils, powders and magical paper.

After deciding against purchasing any of the items the group went to the harbor and found the Bronze Serpent. After speaking with the first mate they waited on the dock for almost an hour till the captain Gero arrived back at the ship. The Captain was standoffish and did not give the party much time. The Bronze Serpent was not traveling west for a weeks time and would take them for 50gp each. The group decided to travel towards the hidden cove on foot to the west instead of waiting for the ship.

They left that day and traveled to forgotten keep arrived the next evening. Along the road they met the old man who they met the same old man who warned them about the splitting of the sky. He warned of the trouble coming to the Forgotten Keep from the West. Arriving at the Forgotten Keep in the evening they stayed there that night at the tipsy fish before heading west. Before going to sleep Theoren and Rolf Drank some of the Toraks Fire Wine and received several free drinks in the process. Rolf bought a round of drinks for everyone and Travis was glad to see the party back in town. They heard more rumors about trouble from the north.

The next morning the party inquired about at the barracks for Subito, he was not currently around so the group set out for the west. Traveled to the edge of the forest that divides the mountains to the west and camp on the southern edge of the forest. As darkness fell they heard some faint sounds deeper into the forest. They sounded low and incomprehensible. Rolf and Theoren left the camp traveling north towards the sounds. The sounds seemed to grow more audible but were still faint. After traveling through the forest for some time they came across a path in the forest with huge footprints on it, one foot looked to be wearing a shoe but the other foot was bare. The path seemed to go east-west. At that point Theoren and Rolf turned around and made their way back to the camp.



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