Forgotten Keep and the Western Lands

Swimming with Snakes

With strong winds the Sea Dagger sailed east till they spotted a flying creature near the island to the north west. The Sea Dagger turned north west towards the island. As they approached the crows nest spotted three ships near the southern tip of the island. Fleeing south along the slaver island the Sea Dagger was able to lose the pursuing ships and make their way off the coast of an island for the night. The next day the Sea Dagger arrived at the village of Tanaroa and delivered the corpses to Huita.

The next day following Mira’s directions the Sea Dagger made its way to the oyster beds on the east of the reef. There Galvin, Theoren and Gannic dove for oysters for half of the day defeating five huge sea snakes in the process and finding three pearls.

The following day the Sea Dagger continued north along the coast of the red isle. As they moved up the coast a small cave was spotted on one of the rocky cliffs inland. Using the ring of water walking Rolf carried the party to the rocky shore and they moved up a ravine towards the opening in the rocky wall above. As the party approached they were attacked by three rock skinned flying gargoyles. After defeating them creatures Rolf and Theoren climbed up the rocky cliff into the small cave. There they found a large ruby and a scroll. As Rolf began climbing down from the cave he slipped on a loose rock but as he began to fall he floated like a feather landing on the ground unharmed. Back on the Sea Dagger they continued north and west till the rocky cliffs and Ravines turned to dense jungles and the sun sank behind the Red Isle. There they looked for a place to make landfall.



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