Forgotten Keep and the Western Lands

Elves old and pale

After docking in Flan Port in the afternoon Gannic went to the market and purchase new chainmail and Gilven purchased three peals with two of the opals from the slavers chest. The rest of the group headed to the Broken Mast where Rolf lead the drinking celebrations with several of the Sea Dagger crew and the captain.

Meanwhile Nemi and Amarae hid separately in the dock area and watched the Sea Dagger. As Nemi waited three disheveled humans with missing teeth approached her claiming this was their dock. As she tried to push past them to leave one grabbed her shoulder. She slashed out with her dagger gashing his arm and tried to rush past the other two men but was blocked. One struck her with a the stomach but the blow seemed softened. Another blow struck Nemi in the back as she drew her other dagger and slashed both men in front of her. One collapsed to the ground and she ran past the other. They did not pursue.

Back at the Broken Mast Rolf, half a dozen drinks in was feeling quite warm. He was was buying rounds of drinks for the sailors and the bar when an aged rugged looking elf approached him. Behind him several humans also watched the group. The elf glared at Rolf and demanded for him to leave. As he did Gilven suddenly felt like he had been slammed in the stomach and then again in the back by an invisible force. He turned around quickly casting detect magic but saw nothing. Rolf and the Elf made their way towards the door. As Gilven followed there was a loud crash behind him which was followed by an a cry as a brawl erupted in the bar. A thrown mug struck Gilven in the back of the head as his progress towards the door was stopped by the surging crowd. Theoren managed to push through the crowd to the street.

In the middle of the street Rolf prepared to defend himself with his his great ax as the elf wielding a long and short sword rushed forward to attack. Rolf struck the elf with several mighty blows but he seemed less harmed then he should be. Rolf his series of might ax strikes driving the elf back. The elf’s longsword glowed slightly as it stung Rolf twice but Rolf responded with even more powerful swings of his ax injuring the elf. The elf rushed forward hitting Rolf with his two blades and knocking him to the ground. As Rolf fell the elf turned and fled down the street and into an alley.

Gilven stuck in the crowd rushing towards the door saw one of the humans who was with the elf draw a dagger and move through the crowd towards him. The dagger struck Gilven’s leg but didn’t seem to cut as deeply as expected. Gilven raised his hand and three bolts of flame shot out catching the human and his companion engulfing them in flames. Screams filled the tavern as the patrons spilled into the street through the windows and door. Gilven reached the street to see Rolf knocked to the ground and the elf flee. Four streaks of force leaped from Gilven’s hands striking the elf as he turned into the alley.

Nemi found another place to hide and continued to watch the ship. As she did something cracked her across the head and in the leg, but there was nothing behind her except a wall. She continued to watch the ship and just before dark the captain returned and Nemi noticed Liam make his way down the docks and board the Sea Dagger. After an hour he left the Sea Dagger and Nemi remain hidden watching the ship.

Rolf, Gilven and Gannic rushed to the alley the elf had run into but found nothing there. Rolf let out a victory cry as they looked around. Then they heard a group of city guards approaching so they stayed out of view in the alley. The guard moved to the Broken Mast and bar keep explained a dwarf and elf had caused the problems, an elf wearing a cloak and carrying a staff. No mention was made of the elf who had attacked Rolf.

Figuring it best to keep a low profile the group headed towards the Sea Dagger where Nemi spotted them and they exchanged tales. Gannic healed Nemi’s wounds and when he did Gilven’s wounds also healed. Then the group asked to stay for the night on the Sea Dagger. Rolf drank some more with the crew but Nemi watched the giant reptile she had named Sunshine. Sometime in the middle of the night she noticed activity as a large ramp was laid out. Liam and two humans appeared out of the darkness and make their way up the ramp to the ship. There they were greeted by the crew as they opened Sunshine’s cage, put a rope around her neck and led her off the ship. Amarae turned into a raven and followed them as they walked straight through town to the gate which opened for them and they left Flan Port and headed east.

The next morning Amarae again turned into a raven and flew east from the city and again spotted Sunshine being lead about ten miles from the city. They continued east before turning north but Amarae could not remain a raven for much longer so she returned to the Sea Dagger. In exchange for an opal the Sea Dagger left port with the party and dropped them outside the city to the east. There the party made haste north for a few days traveling past the forgotten keep and towards the valley of caves, home of Coreen the medusa. At the old stone bridge Talwyn continued north towards the Marmack mountains in hurry to return to her brother.

Once in the familiar valley Rolf and Gilven lead the group up the northern side and around to a reddish cave opening with twisted tree. Inside the group was lead to Coreen by a huge humanoid they had fought previously. Averting their eyes they handed the vial to Coreen. She drank he vial and her voice changed from hissing rasp to a soft and smooth. When the party gazed upon her they were met by a strange sight, an elvish creature stood before them. Sickly pale with huge cat like eyes that showed no color this was like no elf they had seen.



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