Forgotten Keep and the Western Lands

Giant sized misunderstanding

With the slavers defeated and the camp deserted Nemi and Talwyn went about searching the huts. They dragged the outrigger sails out of a locked wooden cabinet in the with the most decedent furnishings before setting fire to it. The huts which had contained captives contained manacles which Nemi noticed had a small symbol of crossed chains attached to manacles on it. Nemi set fire to the rest of the huts after searching them finding only mondain personal items and furniture in all except the tool hut. The tool hut was emptied before set ablaze.

Meanwhile Gannic set about jamming the secret door in the back of the cavern with some tools from the tool shed after healing Galvin. Rolf took time to dress his wounds before he and Galvin sorted the treasure in the chest into piles of copper, silver, electrum and seventeen uniform gems. Galvin also noticed a small symbol of crossed chains attached to manacles on the iron chest. As they worked Rolf asked Galvin if he had heard of the name Oskar. Galvin remembered a dwarven religious legend with a figure called Oskar Ornbreaker.

As the encampment burned some of the embers caught one of the sails on fire as well as a few trees to the north but the island was humid and rain had fallen recently so there was little change of a larger fire starting. After resting for an hour the group decided to investigate the escape passage. After unlocking the door they moved through the damp passageway for several hundred feet before it opened from the side of a rocky dune hidden by foliage. Talwyn spotted several tracks leading away from the opening in different directions but they soon congregated in what looked like seven sets traveling to the north.

After a few hours of following the tracks across sandy and rocky dunes another set of tracks appeared to join in, this set was much much larger and fresher. After another hour the group crested a dune to see a huge primitive humanoid standing about ten fight tall. She was armed with a club and spear and wearing simple furs. Her hair was thin and as dark as her beady eyes as she peered at the group from the side of the next dune.

Rolf and Galvin move to the front of the group and greeted her with friendly gestures. She cautiously approached, grumbling about being hungry which only Nemi and Galvin could understand. Galvin offered her rations which she took by the handful till he asked in a strange deep voice speaking the language of giants if she had seen a giant ape in the area. Taking offense to being called a giant ape she rushed forward swinging her club but slipped in the sand before Rolf knocked her over sending her to the sand in a heap. She picked herself up still hungry and managed to eat several more days of Galvin’s rations before Galvin asked if she had a family which seemed to anger her a bit but when asked where she lived she said a cave and gestured to the south before catching herself and again becoming angry about Galvin trying to trick her. When Galvin promised that they would lead her to “umans” to eat she followed for a few minutes before stopping and asking to eat Gannic. Galvin gave her a few more ration and she suddenly proclaimed she was full and wandered off to the south.

The tracks continued to the north and lead onto a dry rocky area where Talwyn was unable to continue to follow the trail, however the group continued north and came to edge of the island were a sandy beach lead into the water. On the beach three slavers sat next to a stick with a shirt tied to it. Near them stood four slavers who had passed from life into undeath. After observing for a few minutes Nemi and Talwyn moved to the western edge of the beach and then the rest of the group rushed from cover with Rolf yelling at the humans to lay down their arms which they did. However as Rolf dragged the one named Dagda into the water the injured one panicked and yelled “Attack” and ran for the cover of the trees. About half way there Nemi’s arrow caught up with him and he collapsed into the sand. The four undead attacked but Rolf with Fimbric split the skulls of two in half and the rest were defeated easily with a few minor injuries. When Rolf forced Dagda’s head underwater the other human took off running for the trees but three streaks of blue energy from Galvins hands ended his run.

Under threats of death Dagda explained that he was no slaver and he had been captured and forced to join them just a few moons ago. He said they exchanged natives for coin with a boat on the island to the north every couple moons and it had been about that long since an exchange had taken place. He did not know much about the boat but said the symbol of crossed chains attached to manacles was their flag. Galvin and Rolf offered to take Dagda back to the mainland with them so he could return to his family in the north. As followed their own trail back to the encampment Gannic and Rolf noticed the Dagda was obviously nervous and uneasy. Rolf began yelling at Galvin in dwarvish and then Galvin demanded Dagda tell them why he was nervous or he would let Rolf at him. Dagda swore he would tell them whatever they wanted to know Galvin used his magic powers to assure that Dagda was telling the truth but Dagda just swore he was telling the the truth and asked what they wanted to know. Then Gannic playing the “Better” constable grabbed Dagda and protected him from Galvin the “Good” constable, Rolf the “Bad” constable just cursed in dwarvish and glared pacing with his ax drawn.

As darkness fell the group continued following their tracks and made their way back to the cave entrance and through it to the encampment. Most of the camp was now smoldering and covered in ash. Loading up the supplies from the camp, six of the most “attractive” bodies into one of the outriggers and rowed back to the Sea Dagger leaving the outrigger in tow of the Sea Dagger.

The next morning was extra muggy and hot and the Sea Dagger was becalmed so everyone except Nemi took one of the outriggers and rowed north along the shore of the island looking for any signs of giant apes. They had been able to find any signs on the norther interior of the island and Dagda had not heard of any. The misunderstanding with the she-giant had lead to any further clues. As they passed a rocky done Galvins sharp elvish eyes glimpsed several hunched figured in a small gully.

Pulling the outrigger up on a rocky beach the group walked through the gully towards where Galvin has seen the figures. As they rounded a bend four figures were hunched over a body and appeared to be feasting. One stood and turned spotting the adventures and hissed. The others rose in unison and rushed covered in gore and blood. Rolf rushed forward to meet one with his blade striking a glancing blow. Galvin unleashed rays of fire being one to the ground in a sizzling heap and damaging a second one. The two emaciated naked humanoids ferociously attacked Rolf with teeth and nails scratching him twice. The third rushed Theoren and Talwyn but they stabbed and slashed it to the ground with Talwyn receiving only a minor scratch. The two attacking Rolf were quickly defeated and the group investigated the body these foul creatures had been eating. It appeared to be human, probably from the encampment. The group returned to the boat and continued their search along the coast finding nothing else that day before returning to the Sea Dagger.



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