Forgotten Keep and the Western Lands

Revival of the Dead

After a full night of rest under the protection of the cat people the party set off to the Southeast in the morning. After a few hours of travel through rocky hills they reached the edge of a vast swamp, turning south the group continued along the edge of the swamp.

As they traveled Gilven and Nemi smelled a faint rotting flesh smell. They immediately moved away from the swamp but as they did six naked humanoids rushed up the hill after them. A barrage of bolts and thorns hit the creatures followed by a fireball. The remaining two were destroyed when Rolf rushed forward and gashed them with his ax.

With the creatures defeated the group make their way south and found the tarpit. Turning east Talwyn lead them through the swamp and around the tarpit reaching dry land and a familiar path just before nightfall. After resting the night the party followed the path south arriving at the great wall and the village of Tanaroa.

After resting the night the ventured to the step pyramid in the center of the village and found an opening in the side after Rolf moved a large Stone block. After Given called out for Huita she appeared on the stairs leading down into the darkness. She shushed Gilven out of the opening and it closed behind him. A few minutes later she Huita approached from the south with four masked humans carrying the bodies of Lars and Delen. Gannic poured the vials from the pool on them and they glimmered briefly and began breathing once again.

With Lars and Delen returned to the living and the other vials from the pool in their possession the group returned to the Sea Dagger and negotiated their return passage. They agreed to pay 3 large emeralds, 2 small emeralds., the gold necklace with garnets and the three bowls with gold inlays in exchange for return passage for everyone and freeing the Ape and Sabertooth tiger.

With the animals set free the Sea Dagger made good time back to Phlan Port. On arrival Theoren returned the water sword to Eili and she offered to accompany the party to repay them for their help. When they refused she promised to repay them in the future and left to return home.


Man, i really wanted to keep that sword! thanks for the fun game and entertaining read, GM!

Revival of the Dead

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