Forgotten Keep and the Western Lands

Slavers last stand

Gannic brought the party together and let the tree of life’s leaves flow over them in a blessing which would bring favor on them in the upcoming battle. Then Rolf, Galvin, Theoren and Gannic moved into position on the edge of the darkness below the wooden tower overlooking the encampment as Nemi and Talwyn moved west through the dunes to the approach the other tower. After waiting a few minutes in unison Theoren and Galvin hit one of the guards in the tower with an arrow and magic missiles as Rolf hit the other with a crossbow bolt and Gannic engulfed him in divine flames causing him to tumble out of the tower in a panic and fall to his death.
With both the guards silenced the group moved to the beach and around he bramble barriers into the camp. As Theoren prepared to drag the body from next to the tower he noticed another guard at the fire looking over in his direction. Galvin reacted quickly with a gesture and streaks of force sent the slaver falling backwards in a heap onto another human sleeping near the fire. As he awake Rolf’s crossbow put him back to permanent sleep.

Meanwhile Talwyn guide Nemi within range of the raised western tower. At the edge of the torch light they took aim at the two guards and fired. Nemi’s arrow streaked into one of the guards and Talwyn’s bolt unleashed a swarm of thorns which pierced the other guards armor. As the guard struggled to react they were hit by another wave of thorns as well as Talwyns crossbow bolt and both collapsed into the tower. With the tower no longer guarded they began gathering wood and cutting a path through the brambles to reach the tower and set it on fire

Galvin and Gannic moved up to the fire to cover the bodies as Rolf and Theoren searched the southernmost huts finding only tools. With bodies back under their blankets Galvin and Gannic moved into the hut near the fire and saw two sleeping humans. As Gavlin moved towards one with this dagger Gannic tripped over the small table waking both the inhabitants. As they sprung out of bed for their cutlasses their yells could be heard throughout the village. Gannic was cut across the leg before stabbing the woman twice with his spear. Galvin was slashed across the arm before his staff smashed into the side of the human sending him into the hut wall in a crumpled heap. The woman staggered back crashing through the wall of the hut and tried to run for the cave but Galvin stepped through the hole she left and dropped her to the ground with magic missiles.

Rolf and Theoren rushed up to the next hut to find to more slavers raising from their slumber. They immediately recognized the shaman as green energy flowed from his hand just missing Rolf. The other human slashed at Rolf with familiar engraved longsword but missed as Rolf brought his ax across the chest of the magic wielder. In one motion with a stab and a leg sweep Theoren send the longsword wielding human to the group and turned with this second rapier and pierced the rib cage of the shaman sending him to the ground as his last breath bubbled out of the hole left in his side. Seeing the shaman dead the new leader stumbled to his feet and crashed out of the side of the hut. Rolf gave chase and clipped him with the side of his ax but was momentarily distracted when an arrow streaked into his back from Theoren’s bow. Seizing the opportunity to escape the man ran for the cave opening.

Nemi and Talwyn hearing the commotion for the camp, reloaded their crossbows and fired at slavers as they ran towards the cave. Talwyn’s excellent darkvision allowed her to see the leader of the group just before he reached the cave opening. With a single shot from her large crossbow he cried out as he fell to the ground his sword slipping from his hand.

With the encampment cleared and all the residents holed up in the cave Nemi quickly built a small pyre on the floor of the raised tower over a dark dried pool. As the fires reached the roof of the tower and engulfed it, flames rose like a pillar into the sky illuminating the encampment. Nemi looked on in glee as a faint wisp rose out of the fire and disappeared into the early morning darkness. Gannic stood in the center of the village with the flames leaping from the tower casting shadows across his face. As he demanded surrender little was heard from the cave.

After a few minutes with Rolf growing noticeable impatient Galvin slipped over to the side of the cave, laying prone he crawled to the entrance and peering inside unleashed three rays of fire at the occupants as a crossbow bolt skipped past him. Seconds later Rolf rushed the cave entrance with the rest of the group in tow and raced headlong into the cave. A rapid clatter of crossbows left him with several serious injured as he tripped on a hidden wire across the entrance and fell to the cavern floor unconscious. Theoren following close behind noticed the trip wire at the last second and leapt over it running towards the right wall of the cave slashing down the slaver there. Talwyn was not able to notice the tripwire in time and fell to the ground near Rolf. Behind her came Nemi who fired a her crossbow at the left side and then retreated back outside the cave. As Galvin passed Nemi he turned to the right and unleashed flames which burned three of the slavers but they all were able to fight on.

Last into the cave was Gannic, as chaos roared around him he calmly strode into the center of the cavern holding aloft a symbol marked with only a tree. As he did glowing roots appeared to grow from him and move across the floor towards the group of deceased sailors whom had begun to shamble towards the group with cutlasses raised. The root grasped at the creatures and as they did most of the creatures fell into a panic, retreating to the back of the cave and disappearing through a dark hole there. One creature fearlessly shambled forward slashing at Gannic. Three more of the creatures tried to continue forward but their unnatural life force was drawn from them into the roots and they fell to the cave floor never to raise again.

The remaining slavers rushed forward drawing long sword and shield or cutlass. Galvin could not retreat and was slashed twice. Several other slavers fired crossbows towards the dwarfs in the center of the room but they ricocheted off harmlessly. With a grumble Rolf sat up and looked around confused. Talwyn crawled to him and with a few words healing energy flowed into his body relieving his pain. Theoren pierced the leather armor of the second slaver to rush towards him sending him to the ground. Rolf and Talwyn rose and moved to protect Gannic from the last remaining undead. Rolf’s ax gashed it deeply before Talwyn’s sword sliced through its abdomen sending it falling to the ground in two parts. Gannic then moved to Galvins side and healed his wounds. Galvin, refreshed unleashed another wave of fire which dropped two of the previously burnt humans. The third slashed Galvin again before Nemi’s staff cracked him across the side of his head dropping him to the ground. With most of the slavers dead or dying the small group with crossbows in the back rushed through the dark opening in the back of the cave and disappeared. Galvins magic missiles finished off the last remaining enemy and the cave fell quiet except the crackling of fire burning the tower just outside the entrance.

Tucked into the side of the cave was a large metal box which Nemi opened with the key she had found on the previous leaders neck. The box was filled with thousands of silver, copper and electrum coins. Several gems could be seen among the coins as well. Searching the camp revealed little else except some tools, food and tar. The bodies had few coins but the engraved longsword and silver etched ring both glowed of magic under Gannics spell.



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