Forgotten Keep and the Western Lands

Strong winds and aquatic reptiles

With strong winds the Sea Dagger sailed north along the coast of the Red Isle. After passing a mountainous coastline the island turned to jungle. After a few hours the jungle turned to swamp and the sea dagger turned west along the northern tip of the island. As the coast changed back to jungle the ship continued west past two smaller islands, a coral reef, and another island. There, the Sea Dagger turned south back to the Red Isle and a coast of sheer rock where mountains met the ocean.

As the party looked out over the Sea Dagger Talwyn noticed a huge, dark shape moving beneath the water towards the ship. As she alerted the others, a huge reptilian creature with four webbed feet and five snake-like heads exploded out of the water onto the side of the Sea Dagger’s deck. Rolf and Theoren rushed forward, slashing and stabbing the giant beast as Talwyn tossed her grappling hook across its back. Nemi fired arrows at it as Gannic, hearing the commotion, appeared from below and began a blessing for the group. As the vicious creature’s teeth tore into Rolf and Theoren, Galvin unleashed a ball of fire over the side of the ship, burning the sea reptile. Talywn, unable to move past the creature with her rope to ensnare its heads, backed up and launched a magical hail of thorns, digging into the creature’s side. As the creature continued to suffer wounds from all directions, Gannic was able to heal some of the wounds the snake-like teeth delivered.

After another explosion of fire blistered the reptile’s back and destroyed one of its heads, it began to slip back off the side of the ship, grabbing Rolf and Theoren in two of its toothy jaws as it did. With Rolf desperately clinging to a broken railing, Nemi and Talwyn sunk an arrow and bolt deep into the neck and head of the creature which went limp, releasing Rolf from its grasp. Meanwhile, with Theoren clinging to Talwyn’s rope, Galvin’s gestures brought forth four streaking bolts of force which blasted the head of the jaws holding Theoren and they released him as the creature fell away from the Sea Dagger into the ocean.

With the creature dead, the Sea Dagger towed it behind as it continued south along the coast till at the southernmost point it stopped in view of a small beach and cave. As it was late in the day, the part rested the night on the Sea Dagger and next morning landed on the beach and cut into the stomach of the huge reptile they had slain.

As they did, Talwyn explored the entrance to the cave and the pool that filled most of it. There she heard a hissing voice and repeating it to Galvin he recognized it as a dragonic dialect. When he tried to speak with them and did not receive a response Talwyn snuck along the seaweed covered shore of the dark foul smelling pool into the cave. On the right she spotted five reptilian humanoids with spears and clubs. Unnoticed, she returned to the group and told them what she had seen.

Theoren rushed across the seaweed path and into the passageway. There he was besieged by spears from the creatures, suffering several wounds. The rest of the group rushed along the seaweed path but slipped and fell into the pool. As they all managed to scramble out of the pool into the cavern, Galvin walked across the surface of the pool to the other side. There he was attacked by spears from the passageway to the left. Rolf, seeing Galvin wounded from the spears, ran past him to the left and engaged five more of the foul smelling reptilian humanoids. After Galvin responded with two fiery explosions down the left passageway, Rolf was about to defeat the rest of the creatures in the left cavern opening. Gannic and Theoren, with Nemi and Talwyn providing missile support, defeated the remaining creatures in the right cavern with Theoren dropping the last one with an arrow as it tried to escape through a pool farther down the passageway.

With all the creatures slain, the group explored the cavern, finding several chambers with rocky sleeping quarters and many bones and seaweed littering the rooms. Pools dominated much of the chambers with two being dark and deep enough that the bottom was not visible. The other pools contained several of the mysterious dog fish, which are prized by the wealthy Mari women as an aphrodisiac.


I hope the dog fish are cute

Strong winds and aquatic reptiles

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