Forgotten Keep and the Western Lands

The Ax of Rh'zor

Gannic noticed a slight breeze as Rolf lifted the Ax of Rh’zor from the weapon stand. The inscription across the base of the stand faded away as Rolf removed the ax. Gannic quickly placed Rolf’s old ax where the Ax of Rh’zor was and an inscription on the pedestal appeared “Ax of Rolf”. Turning Gannic’s noticed a circle of yellow conjuration magic emanating from the wall on the east side of the room. Amarae quickly changed back into her natural elf form.

Suddenly the silence was broken as two loud blows deflected off the back of Rolf’s armor. As everyone looked for the source of the assault nothing could be seen. Theoren scooped up some loose remains and tossed them towards where the attacks had originated from. The hit a form briefly revealing an ambiguous shape with several fan like edges emanating from it. Saying a prayer to Oskar Rolf turned and attacked striking something invisible in the air with his ax. Sid summoned a flaming sphere at that location but it seemed like the form had moved. Rolf’s wounds started to heal but not as quickly as the wounds from the invisible attacker appeared on his body. Again praying to Oskar Rolf attacked with renewed fury striking again and again. Gannic and Baro healed Rolf as he fought and Sid, Amarae and Baro hit the invisible creature with attacks.

After being attacked from the back several times Rolf moved to the wall and put his back to it. As he stood and fought there Sim moved his flaming sphere in front of Rolf cutting off the angles he could be attacked from. As Rolf stood his ground Gannic picked up a gauntlet from the ground tossed it at the wall it above Rolf. Instead of striking the wall it seemed to pass through it and disappear. Everything went quiet in the for a few seconds and then Rolf was again struck in the back by invisible blades. He turned staring at the wall and swing his ax into it, it passed through the wall striking his foe once above him. Sid moved the flaming sphere into the wall striking the creature with it. Baro moved to the center of the room and knocked Rolf’s original ax off the weapon stand fired arrows at the invisible creature.

Rolf stumbled under the powerful attacks from the creature. Gannic moved to Rolf and infused him with the powers of life, healing several of his wounds. He moved to the other side of the room with his back against the wall and Sid moved the flaming sphere again to help protect him. Amarae summoned a moonbeam in front of the wall that Rolf has been standing against. Again the creature struck Rolf and he yelled “To the lower chambers, the dwaves will help” and started to retreat down the stairs. As he moved down the stairs he dodged an invisible blow on instinct and moved down the stairs out of the room. When he did the Ax disappeared from his hands and re-appeared on the ax stand.

Theoren followed attacking the invisible creature and trying to defend Rolf. Rolf nearly fell unconscious as he reached the second set of stairs but continued towards the lower levels. At the door on the right side of the stairs in the large chamber Rolf was struck unconscious by the creature and then stuck again as he lay on the floor helpless. Theoren rushed to Rolfs side and fed him a healing potion and he regained consciousness. The creature stuck at him again and Theoren blocked its blow but a second blow slipped past Theoren and Rolf fell to the ground unconcious again. Theoren stood over Rolf trying to protect him from the invisible blows. A surge of adrenaline and energy filled Theoren as he slashed furiously deflecting a killing blow away from Rolf but he could not block a second attack which punctured Rol’s helpless form pushing him to the brink of death. In desperation Theoren slashed at the creature with his swords driving his short sword into it. As he did he heard a sound like air rushing through a small hole which ended in a what sounded like a deep exhale and the room fell silent.

Meanwhile Gannic moved to the wall and pushed his head through seeing a study with wooden walls lined with shelves that contained books and rolled parchments. It was dim with no light sources. A large window on the side of the room overlooked a sea far below that was bathed in twilight with no light source in the sky. Barro stepped through and looked around the study. It contained a writing table, comfortable couch, and rug on the floor. Amarae peered through as well and noticed a human like figure covered in dark shrouds in the corner of the room watching them. Gannic walked into the room and started towards the writing desk. A dagger flew past him as a figured stepped out of the shadows with a long slender blade. Gannic pointed at the figure and it was briefly engulfed in ethereal flames. It cursed and launched another dagger which struck Gannic in the leg, then rushed forward and slashed Gannic’s arm with his blade. Sid moved the flaming sphere into the room and burned the second cloaked figure who had moved out of the other corner of the room throwing another dagger. Then Gannic and Baro retreated out of the room and Sid moved the flaming sphere to the wall where fire leapt onto the shelf and smoke from the carpet started to fill the room.

As the party retreated out of room and back into the stone dwarven building Amarae moved the moonbeam in front of the wall to keep creatures from entering. The group then rushed down the stairs to the lower chamber and joined Theoren and Rolf. Rolf lay breathing slightly as they rushed to his side infusing him with healing. He awoke and the party moved into the chamber with the waterwheels in it to rest.



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